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Pawale- Rumex giganteus - POLYGONACEAE
(Endemic to Hawaii)

LIFE FORM:   Liana or climber, shrub

ELEVATION RANGE:  2,000-10,000 ft

ENVIRONMENT:  Wet to mesic forests throughout Hawaii.    Given a cool, shady environment, this plant will do fine in wet or moderately moist areas below 2,000 fee t.

In sunlight, with good drainage (cinders added to soil) and enough water, Pawale grows fast and produces a flower plume of pinkish red color, and many seeds. 

Kept in shady areas, it will grow slower and live longer, flowering only occasionally when branches find their way to sunlight gaps. 

It can be pruned to encourage more branching, and it will grow long liana or branching stems that use surrounding vegetation for support to grow longer.  


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