Big Island Plants 
  - Vaccinium calycinum - ERICACEAE
(Endemic to Hawaii)

Remarkable Features—Many clusters of bright red, edible fruits and bright green foliage. 

Native Environment—Mesic to wet forests, and in bogs.


Native Range—Windward slopes, some leeward.  This endemic native shrub occurs on all Hawaiian islands with elevation, healthy populations throughout Puna, Hawai`i.


Plant Form—Shrub or small tree, small diameter main stem for several years, keeps growing larger with age.


Usefulness—Attractive to birds, who help spread the seeds.   Though not as sweet as the dryland variety V. reticulatum, V. calycinum fruits can also be eaten raw or cooked.    


Planting-Out—Plant under part shade,  base of hapu`u,  on rotted logs, low ground.  Brittle base, stepping on it will damage it.


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Volcano - Puna, Hawaii