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Hoi - Smilax melastomifolia - SMILACACEAE
(Endemic to Hawaii)

LIFE FORM:   Vine, liana or climber

ELEVATION RANGE:  600-6800 ft

ENVIRONMENT:  Wet to mesic forests throughout Hawaii.   In wet forests, it climbs high into tree canopy to reach sunlight.   In drier areas with low growing shrubs and trees, or in young ohia-uluhe forests, hoi grows near ground and climbs upward opportunistically. 

Why grow this?

Hoi is an endemic vine.  It looks great climbing big old ohia or koa trees.  It won't choke other plants or become invasive like many non-native vines do in Hawaii.

Male and female flowering parts are on separate plants.  Plant 3 or more about 10-15 feet apart to increase chances of fruiting and seeds (or to sustain a population). 


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